About Us

We are a family business, a Limited Liability Company that cares, offering Peace of Mind where safety is paramount and your satisfaction is our goal.

Unlike other contractors nothing is sub contracted out, you get Bob & Linda with their professional experience every time using a modern reliable vehicle to transport your valuable asset along with meeting deadlines and safety being a priority at competitive rates.

Bob & Linda deal with you personally and would be delighted to give you a quote for an “on time, safety and total peace of mind” door to door pick up and delivery of your item.

There is a reason we say Peace of Mind because if your boat, caravan, trailer etc matters enough for you to own it you also want to look after the way you move it, make sure it gets there on time and safely, the vehicle you see in our advertising and on our website is what we use its new, safe and reliable.

We are the experts with a passion for what we do.

Thank you for reading.

Bob & Linda