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Towing boats, caravans, trailers and display caravans across New Zealand. Using a late model 4WD Ute, we tow boats/caravan/trailers/display caravans etc up to 3.5 tonne across NZ. We are an economical alternative to a large truck.

Ports of Auckland LTD (POAL) Authorised
Public Liability $10 million dollars.

Member : National Road Carriers Association (NRC)

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Got a trailer boat you need delivered but don’t have a towing vehicle? We can help.

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We tow caravans,display caravans, food caravans around NZ, guaranteeing safe, careful stress free delivery..

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We do the job. Get personalised door to door delivery service from the friendly owner drivers Bob and Linda.
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We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how cost-effective it is to have your goods moved by Bob’s Transport Ltd.

We offer a personalised door to door prompt delivery service.

Our specialty is towing trailer boats, caravans, display caravan; almost anything on a trailer around New Zealand.

Friendly owner drivers Bob & Linda take excellent care of all assets towed and you are guaranteed a delivery on time with regular communication.

Machinery Towing

Get Effective, Reliable Machinery Towing With Bob’s Transport Ltd

Transporting machinery safely from one factory to another, or from a residence to a factory, can be a significant challenge. Whether you have one large machine or many smaller ones that need to move from one place to another in New Zealand, we are the machinery towing professionals to call.

With years of professional towing experience, we’ve towed everything from boats and caravans to machinery across New Zealand. Over the years, we have gained a formidable reputation for providing highly reliable and efficient transportation services, always getting assets to their destinations safely and on time.

What You Should Know About Bob’s Transport Ltd Regarding Machinery Towing

Who needs the stress of pulling a heavily loaded asset halfway across the city, state, or country when you can get a professional to do it for you? Our customers know that they can trust us with the effective and safe transportation of all their most valuable assets.

  • We offer a service that is reliable and safe but also highly personalised. By working with our lean, family-owned operation, you know that the person who took your call is the same person who will be handling your transportation job—no sub-contractors, and no unknown third-party drivers. We do it all ourselves to fully control the quality and dependability of the process.
  • We are highly experienced in the transportation of an extensive variety of items, from boats and caravans to machinery.
  • We’re versatile with not just what we move but how far we can move it. Whether you are transporting something across town, into the city, or all the way to the coast, Bob’s Transport Ltd is a strong fit.

Choose Us for Effective and Efficient Machinery Towing

When you need a valuable asset hauled from one point to another, you need a professional, reliable, and responsible transportation operator who will handle your load with care and attention, ensuring that it gets to the destination on time and in one piece. How we set our business apart:

  • We are the only company that you need to call for all your professional haulage requirements.
  • We serve our customers with honesty, integrity, and prompt, reliable service.
  • For additional peace of mind, we will insure your cargo for up to NZ $250,000 while it is in our care—not that you are likely to need it: our flawless track record has included successfully completing hundreds of transportation projects over the years.
  • We offer customer service of the highest professional standard. From initial contact to the conclusion of our business together, we will impress you with our friendly demeanour and our professional conduct.

About Bob’s Transport Ltd

We are the most formidable transportation team in the industry, safely transporting a wide variety of items wherever you need them to go in New Zealand.

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